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Luxurious Outdoor Living Spaces

Luxurious Outdoor Living Spaces

The contentious real estate bubble is collapsing, and homeowners are looking for new methods to improve the value of their homes as the bubble reaches its bursting point. In the past, you could just slap some paint on a wall and have an immediate home repair project completed. With an increasing number of people opting to spend their time at home rather than going out, they want their houses, or at least some portions of them, to seem like they are in a retreat-their own little oasis.

Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) research found that 35 percent of homeowners surveyed currently have a finished outdoor room, and one in every three of those homeowners who do not have a finished outdoor room (34 percent) intends to design and furnish an outdoor room by the spring 2007 season. If you extrapolate this information to the whole population, more than half of all households in the United States might have an outdoor entertainment space by the end of next year.

According to Leslie Wheeler, Director of Communications for the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, "we are seeing a significant increase in the number of consumers who are investing in outdoor living spaces." It's hardly surprising that more and more individuals are seeking ways to improve their homes and that they are turning to their backyards, decks, and patios for inspiration. Residents want all of the amenities of an indoor kitchen outside, such as an island complete with refrigerator, grill, sink, and counter top surface, as well as other amenities.

There are many amazing devices available on the market today that may help you prolong your outdoor living season while also making it more comfortable and pleasurable. The majority of customers who make an investment in an outdoor living and entertainment space believe that their investment will generate a profit if they ever decide to sell their property or take out a loan against it. Designers and other industry experts were questioned for Designing Out: The Home Lifestyle Report believes that a home's outside area may increase the overall value of a property by as much as 30%.

Consumer demand for outdoor living spaces is also being driven by lifestyle factors, with the poll finding that 50% of respondents spend more time at home than they did five years ago.Respondents to the survey also said that relaxation and the desire to spend more time outdoors were the key reasons for installing an outdoor space, with entertaining coming in at a surprise fifth place on the list of top five reasons.

If you're new to this trend and aren't sure where to begin, Katherine Whiteside, a best-selling garden and recipe author, recommends starting with something simple. "An outdoor room is just an outside space that residents may use for resting, dining, and entertaining," said Whiteside, who added that the term "outdoor room" is a misnomer. An existing patio, garden, or deck may be transformed into a wonderful outdoor room just by adding some chairs and propane equipment.

When designing your outdoor space, Whiteside recommends that you consider your local weather conditions.

Consider how you will defend yourself from the elements: sun, rain, and cold. Protect yourself from the heat and rain by using a market umbrella or a canopy that has been draped with mosquito netting. But what happens when it becomes chilly in the evenings? Take, for example, a propane desktop heater. They can heat an area up to 5 feet in diameter when they are 3 feet tall. This beautiful bistro tabletop heater with a hammered bronze powder finish has recently been released by the Outdoor Leisure company. The same manufacturer also sells a gas-powered patio warmer with a light. In the event that you have the room, consider installing a propane fire pit, which can be utilized during spark bans and is wonderful for putting your feet up while stargazing.

Protection from the elements is followed by a sense of well-being. According to Whiteside, it is necessary to keep warm, so consider adding a porch floor with gas radiant heating underneath it. In order to relax, you should consider purchasing comfy furniture for your home. Additionally, if you reside in a region near water, pests are an issue to consider. A propane mosquito chaser may help you and your visitors avoid being bitten by annoying insects.

Without a place to eat and a grill, no outdoor room would be considered complete. A wide variety of accessories are available for today's propane barbecues, making it simple to prepare appetizers and main meals on the grill. Various cooking appliances are available, including rotisseries, grills with side burners, and even woks. Additionally, if you have three or more propane-fueled appliances, consider installing an underground tank to eliminate the need for unattractive above-ground tanks and the risk of running out of gas during your outdoor party.

As a result of the PERC study and Whiteside's recommendations, the top-selling appliances in the outdoor living category have mirrored the tastes of survey participants. Following outdoor lighting, which received 94 percent of the vote, other propane appliances took the top spot on the list of must-have accessories: 86 percent of those polled said gas grills and mosquito eliminators were must-haves, followed by outdoor fireplaces, which received 67 percent, and patio heaters, which received 53 percent.

Outdoor rooms have risen to prominence, regardless of whether you live in a shoebox or a Mediterranean coastal palace. Summer is the ideal time to clean up your backyard and make it into an outdoor living area where your children can play and you can rest or host guests. Adding a beautiful and functional structure to your backyard can increase the value of your home significantly. This could be anything from a gazebo or pavilion to a poolside cabana or playhouse. It could also be anything from a yoga hut to a dog house to a music practice room or hobby workshop to any other private retreat.

Another option is to set up a home office in the backyard, away from the distractions of the house and away from the kids.

The addition of a water garden, pond, or fountain to your yard, no matter how big or tiny, is an excellent way to create a calm retreat only a few steps from your back door.

Steve Sandalis, the proprietor of Mystic Water Gardens in Los Angeles, who has a strong celebrity following, feels that adding a water feature to any backyard creates a serene atmosphere, and that the larger the water feature, the better, in his view. He said to think about making your water feature larger so that it can meander around your backyard rather than being hidden away in a nook or corner of your yard. It will result in a breathtaking setting in which to live and rest in the future.

Before you begin purchasing supplies, determine the size of the water feature you want to build. Steve recommends that you get a water feature that is somewhat larger than you anticipate would be necessary since your water feature will shrink as the landscaping expands and fills in. To build a low-maintenance water feature, it is necessary to develop an ecosystem that works in harmony with Mother Nature rather than against her. The biological filter and mechanical skimmer that we utilize in the water features that we design reduce the amount of upkeep required, according to Sandalis.

Create a water feature in your yard that is strategically situated so that you can see it from inside your home, providing year-round entertainment for your family. Sandalis suggests a pondless waterfall if you have young children and are worried about water safety in general. We designed elements that are shallow in depth, making them considerably safer for the whole family to enjoy together. Water plants provide a sense of natural beauty to water features. According to Sandalis, it is important to keep the water free of algae since plants receive nutrients from the water.

All outdoor furniture goods, whether they are for the home or for the garden, are not made equal. Some are more durable than others and are built for certain conditions. Some are more durable than others. You have the option of spending little or a lot. Making a selection might be difficult when there are so many possibilities and every company claims their product is high-end and the finest on the market. With these luxurious selections, we've taken the uncertainty out of designing your backyard gathering area or getaway.

Outdoor Leisure's Tabletop Lantern Heaters are a great way to keep your table warm. On a chilly summer evening, depending on where you live, you may only have a small amount of heat to keep warm.

As the seasons change, a heater will enable you to enjoy your outdoor area for even longer periods of time. We enjoy these brand-new patio and tabletop lantern warmers from Outdoor Leisure, which are much superior to the traditional mushroom heaters in terms of performance.

Cal Flame MC700 (California Flame MC700) (California Flame MC700) (California Flame MC700)The Cal Flame MC700 barbecue island is one of our favorites. Part of the Master Chef Series, it is intended for the barbecue enthusiast who entertains often and demands bar seating and counter space for dining and entertaining. The Series is a mid-priced product that comes with a plethora of choices that allow the client to design a handy outdoor cooking facility. The MC700 features a countertop that is in the form of a U around the grill. It has a 2-burner grill (with the option of natural gas or liquid propane), a tile top and a stucco base, as well as under-counter storage with a single door. A convection grill with up to 5 burners, a beverage tap, a refrigerator with food warmer and side burner, LED lighting, an entertainment system, and a built-in waterfall are some of the possibilities available to you.

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet is a restaurant in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Another excellent grill maker is Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, a firm that has been manufacturing high-end grills, outdoor kitchens, and, most recently, a martini bar, for more than a century now. Additionally, Kalamazoo will actually construct the outdoor kitchen of your dreams in addition to their fantastic free-standing grills. The whole system is completely finished in stainless steel and is supported by leveling legs on its own.

They may also incorporate your kitchen into stone surrounds, outdoor enclosures, or other hardscape treatments. Every outdoor kitchen cabinet door and drawer opening is enclosed by its own rain gutter, ensuring that any goods you keep within will stay clean and dry no matter what the weather conditions are like outside the door or drawer. All of the hinges, knobs, drawer slides, and other hardware on your outdoor kitchen are made completely of 304 or 316 stainless steel, ensuring that they will survive the weather and remain attractive for a lifetime.

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